'Readerships and Literary Cultures 1900-1950' Special Collection

Searching the Collection

This link will take you to the catalogue:

Search the Readerships and Literary Cultures Collection

You can then limit a search by subject or author through use of the facets on the left and can also add search terms to the box that is pre-populated with the initial search.

Searching by genre and subject

Novels in the collection have been assigned genres and subject keywords. You can therefore find novels by genre, for example "historical fiction" or "spy stories", and subject, for example "marriage". See the list of the terms used. 

Searching for literary and cultural references in the novels

We are gradually adding extra data to the catalogue records, including details of other novelists, books, film, music and art that are mention within the novels. To find novels in the collection that have this extra data enter "literary and cultural references" as your search term. To look for references to a specific work or novelist within the novels enter "literary and cultural references" and your search term, for example "John Galsworthy".

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