Kedrun Laurie, ‘Who read Richard Jefferies? The evidence of the North fund subscription list.’, Richard Jefferies Society Journal, 18 (2009) pp 6-30

Richard Jefferies has been classed as, or became, a middlebrow author with the publication in 1910 of Howard's End, in which London clerk Leonard Bast, whom Forster describes as standing on the ‘extreme verge of gentility’, declared him an inspiration. Using as source the list of subscribers to the fund for the relief of Jefferies's family, launched in the Pall Mall Gazette after his death in 1887 by the painter J W North, Laurie demonstrates that Jefferies's earlier readership was actually more Schlegel than Bast. Radiating out from the feminine sensibility of Grosvenor Gallery aesthetic circles, those who read Jefferies in 1887 were the socially-concerned cultured élite, mainly Gladstonian Liberal in their politics: women, artists, writers, suffragists and theosophists.

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