Kaplan, Carola M. and Anne B. Simpson, eds., Seeing Double: Revisioning Edwardian and Modernist Literature (New York: St Martin's Press, 1996)

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The British literature which emerged in the fertile time between the final years of Victoria's reign and the conclusion of World War One is conventionally characterized as either Edwardian or Modernist. Yet this distinction is misleadingly divisive - the Edwardians are often relegated to minor status as issue-bound and technically inept, while the Modernists are elevated to greatness as timeless artistic innovators. Seeing Double seeks to address these commonly accepted designations by rediscovering, reconsidering, and reassesing the British literature of that era.

Contents: Introduction - Edwardians and Modernists: Literary Evaluation and the Problem of History; C.M.Kaplan & A.B.Simpson - Looking Within: Gender Construction and Sexual Identity. Revolutionary Androgeny in the Fiction of 'Victoria Cross'; S.Milgram Knapp - (P)revising Freud: Vernon Lee's Castration Phantasy; J.Hotchkiss - Architects of the Erotic: H.G. Wells' 'New Woman'; A.B.Simpson - Looking Around: British Character and Society. The Sunlight on the Garden; J.Lucas - Self-Isolation and Self-Advertisement in 'The Old Wives' Tale'; R.Squillace - Joyce, the Edwardian; J-M.Rabate - Looking Elsewhere: Other Cultures, Other Nations. Totem, Taboo, and 'Blutbruderschaft' in D.H. Lawrence's 'Women in Love'; C.M.Kaplan - Discovering Jane Harrison; M.Torgovnick - 'The Bloomsbury Fraction' versus War and Empire; P.Brantlinger - Looking and Looking Again: Two Takes on Two Writers. Forster, the Environmentalist; W.H.Stone - Forster's Italian Comedies: Que[e]rying Homosexuality Abroad; M.Goscilo - 'Nostromo': Economism and Its Discontents; P.Delany - 'The Secret Agent's (T)extimacies: A Traumatic Reading Beyond Rhetoric; M.Mageean - Notes on Contributors

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