Swinnerton, Frank, Background with Chorus: A Footnote to Changes in English Literary Fashion Between 1901 and 1917 (London: Hutchinson & Co, 1956)

Swinnerton, Frank, Figures in the Foreground: Literary Reminiscences 1917-1940 (London: Hutchinson & Co,1937, rev. edn. 1963)

Swinnerton, Frank, The Georgian Literary Scene 1910-1935 (London: Hutchinson & Co,1935; rev. edn. 1969)

Frank Swinnerton's memoirs gives us an intruigingly different view of literary history from that presented by conventional histories of the period. His chapter titles for The Georgian Literary Scene offer the expected and familiar: 'Bloomsbury: Bertrand Russell, Roger Fry and Clive Bell, Lytton Strachey, Virginia Woolf', but also many novelists who could be considered middlebrow and have disappeared from view: 'The Novelists of the Next Generation: Rose Macaulay, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Henry Handel Richardson, Oliver Onions, J.D. Beresford, Compton Mackenzie, Hugh Walpole, Gilbery Canaan, Francis Brett Young, Constance Holme, Mary Webb'. Swinnerton is not a fan of Bloomsbury. With delightful honesty, he remarks 'I write harshly of Bloomsbury from sheer malice' (Georgian, 266).

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